It was over a hundred years ago that Shri. Shekharan Vaidyan acquired fame as a versatile Kottaram Vaidyan (Court Physician). Only the best among the traditional physicians in an area were chosen to be physicians to the king by the King's decree. Shekharan Vaidyan was renowned for his scholarship and treatment expertise.

Vidwan S. Madhavan Vaidyan followed his famous father's footsteps. He passed the vidwan exams at Pattambi Sankrit College, and he was also a poet and teacher. Helped by the accumulated experience and wisdom that Shekharan Vaidyan passed on in his teachings, along with the ancient manuscripts, the thaliola, that he received as the family heirloom, Madhavan Vaidyan soon became a personification of the traits that make a great physician. The elegance and simplicity of his treatment as well as his life endeared him to the masses. The eponymous Madhava Pharmacy was established in ________ by Dr. M. Vijayan, Madhavan Vaidyan's son.

Dr. M. Vijayan completed his studies at the Ayurveda College in Thiruvananthapuram. He took over the mantle of Chief Physician of the institution from his illustrious father, and made it one of the premier Ayurveda caregiving centers in Kollam. Dr. Vijayan was wellknown and loved for his efforts to make Ayurveda accessible to everyone, and he was assisted ably in his endeavor by his spouse, Dr. T. N. Vasumathi. Dr. Vasumathi also did her studies at the Ayurveda College in Thiruvananthapuram, and is the torchbearer of an Ayurvedic legacy herself, being the daughter of P.K. Neelakantan Vaidyan who an exemplary healer and a vaidyakalanidhi (Ayurveda scholar), and also an educator who ran a school. Today at Madhava Pharmacy, medicines are prepared adhering to strict principles under the supervision of Dr. T.N. Vasumathi.

Madhava Nursing Home and Pharmacy now has Dr. Saju Vijayan BAMS and Dr. (Mrs.) Manjusha Saju BAMS at its helm. Over the years, their touch of healing, that has the grace of many accomplished forefathers and teachers tempered with a relentless pursuit of better knowledge and skills, has been a blessing to thousands of patients who have visited Madhava Nursing Home and Pharmacy. They are in the process of living up to a formidable legacy, and creating one of their own.

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