Madhava  Nursing home & Pharamcy, the pioneer in the field of Ksharasutra karma,in southern Kerala for the past 15 years. Ksharasutra is a parasurgical technique in ayurveda for the treatment of ano-rectal disorders and we have achieved 100% success in curing, especially fistula in ano, hemorrhoid, fissure in ano and pilonidal sinus.

Advantage of Ksharasutra Therapy

* Simple and safe parasurgical procedure
* Safe therapy for all age groups, irrespective of other health conditions
* Time and cost effective treatment often done in OP department
* Chance of bleeding is rare
* Chance of recurrence is nil
* No surgical complications like incontinence, stenosis or stricture
* Therapy done in 100% sterile and hygienic environment.

Mode of Action Of Ksharasutra

* It helps in cutting, curetting, draining & healing of fistulous track.
* It destroys and removes unhealthy tissues
* Controls infection by the microbicidal action
* Chemical cauterization and mechanical strangulation of blood vessel in piles.

Post operative care

* Medicated sitz bath
* Apply Jatyadi thailam for dressing
* Antibiotics are generally avoided
* Take fibre rich diet and vegetables with plenty of water
* Completely avoid non vegetarian food
* Stay ambulated after the treatment (can do walking and day to day activities )
* Clean the rectal area and maintain hygiene.


* Fistula in ano
* Fissure in ano
* Haemorrhoid
* Pilonoidal sinus
* Wart

Method of application of ksharasutra

* Fistula in ano & pilonidal sinus
Patient is aneasthetised with local aneasthesia and the Ksharasutra is tied in the fistulous track,and weekly Ksharasutra is changed depending upon the severity and healing.

* Haemorrhoid
Patient  aneasthetised with local aneasthesia and transifixation of pile mass is done with ksharasutra. Sloughing of the necrosised  pile mass within 5-7 days.


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